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5  Reasons Why Las Vegas Country Club Homes and Condos are So Unique

Post by Travis Scholl

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After spending the last week at the Las Vegas Country Club previewing Homes for Out of State Clients and then proceeding with Inspections linked to the deal, Lauren and I have been reminded of what makes this Community so special in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market.  



Here are just 5 Reasons why the Iconic Las Vegas Country Club is so unique to our City.  


1.  Location :  Finding homes that are spacious both inside and out with floorplans that appeal to a wide array of Clients AND located close to the Las Vegas Strip is not an easy task.

As with most Cities the suburban areas tend to be further away from the urban setting of the City / Downtown Districts where most businesses and industry are located.
Las Vegas Country Club was build in the 1970’s when Las Vegas was a much smaller town and consequently it now sits in the heart of the City with access to both The Strip and Downtown.
For many people who work in the Health Care Industry the LVCC is very convenient as many of the Hospitals where they work are just minutes from the Gates.  
Proximity to the Airport is very important for people who travel for work and/or pleasure and the LVCC is arguably the most conveniently located Guard Gated community to McCarran International.


2.  Safety  :  Las Vegas Country Club has three entrances and 1 exit only gate all of which are manned by Security and can only be accessed by guests if they are cleared by the Homeowner. 

A large brick wall with iron on top surrounds the entire LVCC and there is roving security which patrols the area inside the gates to help ensure the safety of all who live within.  


Many of the subdivisions have their own separate gates that require fob’s for access and the roads that connect these area’s are equipped with speed bumps.  The Homes that back up to the Golf Course sections have either gates or walls that enclose the backyards and since many of these are rather low,  many homes have secured front doors & sliders with a gated entry that can be accessed with by a key or access code.   Many of the properties do have ornamental bars on the windows which really speaks to the architecture of the 70’s & 80’s more than a concern for safety, this is not something we see very often in homes nowadays but 30-40 years ago it was common to install such things on the exterior of a home.  


3.  Amenities  :  When we talk about Country Club communities one of the main reasons why people are interested is Golf.  Many people I know who are avid golfers say that the Course at LVCC is one of the best places to play in all of Las Vegas.  The Clubhouse that can be access of Joe W. Brown behind the Westgate Resort is still very nice and has a Bar that overlooks the Course with a huge Tennis Facility, Restaurant, Pro Shop, Barber Shop and Locker Rooms with Sauna / Steam Rooms as well.  

There are Tons of Pools within the community both privately owned and public access depending on which development you reside in.  Many of the Townhome & Condo subdivisions also have Fitness / Gym Rooms and outdoor BBQ area’s for outdoor activities.  One of the nice things about the common area’s in LVCC is the mature landscaping with large tree’s that provide plenty of shade on the hot summer days.  Being close to the Golf Course also helps keep the community a bit cooler than the surrounding desert landscape.  

4.  Views  :  Being able to see anything green in our City is always a gift.   With the sprawling Golf Course that runs through the community & the well maintained common area’s inside LVCC there is plenty of lush grass and tree’s to enjoy.  There are also large Water Features on the Golf Course with Fountains and Waterfalls that give a Resort feel to the landscape. Las Vegas Country Club is positioned just East of the Las Vegas Strip and South of Downtown so depending on the orientation of the property there are some incredible City / Downtown Views to be had.  

Regency Towers is a High Rise Condo building built in 1974 that sits in the heart of LVCC.  Many of the units at Regency Towers that face West have Panoramic Views of the whole city skyline with Golf Course Views below.  Many of the custom homes have windows on the rear of the homes that are positioned to enhance the City and/or Golf Course Views.  Some of the smaller homes that line the fairways on the golf course have gates off the rear of the homes where you can open the latch and actually just walk right on to the course.  As I mentioned before the mature landscaping within is just beautiful and well maintained which really gives a feel of being close to nature while still being in the Urban area.  

5.  Style  :  Let’s face it, so many of the homes today all start to look the same.  Many of the suburban neighborhoods are just rows of homes that look like boxes with little to no space between and backyards that are so small you couldn’t build a pool back there at all.   The interior spaces lack any character and they are just plain boring.  Not the case in the Las Vegas Country Club.  The styling in the 70’s and 80’s really had a flair for unique & rare floorplans that included vaulted ceilings that stretch on angles and sunken conversation pits that made for cozy living area’s where friends and family could congregate and share a drink.  

Retro touches from this era still exist in many of the homes and when combined with modern fixtures / appliances it creates a contrast of the old with the new that is original & cool compared to what is being delivered in a new home today.  Younger generations who live and work in the nightclub and service industry have been buying many of the older custom homes and completey re-modeling them into exclusive residences that are truly exceptional.  The exterior of the homes have brick archways and side entrances for privacy that give direct access to backyards and private patio enclosures.  Leaving a bit of the Vintage architecture behind and adding some Modern up-grades is the style concept that sets Las Vegas Country Club aside from other Gated Golf Course Communities in Las Vegas.  

As of early September 2020 there are 20 units actively for Sale in the MLS.  The price points range from $105,000 up to $1.4 million and everything in-between.  A diverse mixture of Condo’s, Townhomes and Custom Residences that have luxurious interiors with lavish pools all are available for would be Buyers and once again make this community so special.  Something for everyone of all design taste and price point can be found within the gates of Las Vegas Country Club and The Stark Team    is your go-to Real Estate professionals when wanting to learn more about this community and view properties within.  We are life long residents of Las Vegas / Henderson and have first hand knowledge of this area & all that goes along with it.   





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