Vintage Vegas Homes for Sale in The Scotch 80’s


Looking for large lots and classic Vegas homes close to the heart of The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas? With Las Vegas real estate sprawling to each mountain’s edge, the homes that are closer into the Strip and Downtown are in demand.  Built half a century ago or more – these historic homes in the Scotch 80’s have a unique appeal.

Jerry Lewis’ Scotch 80’s home is for sale at $1.4 million.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICTURES.

In over 7000 sq. feet, with a huge pool, and lots of RED Everything, this unique home is a piece of Vegas History for sure.


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3 thoughts on “Vintage Vegas Homes for Sale in The Scotch 80’s

  1. These homes are beautiful! I’ve always admired the classic modern architecture, even more so when coupled with vintage furnishings. My husband and I bought our first home in 2008 infused with a classic modern vibe and are looking to buy another home soon. Las Vegas was never on the list, but these spectacular choices may well have changed our minds!

    1. This is the classic part of Las Vegas, and these homes sit on big lots (for Vegas). Happy to help you with your real estate purchase if & when you’re ready!

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